Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome Aboard Recipe Travelers

Has there been any one recipe that has stood out in your whole entire life? What or who made it so special that every time you think about it, your taste buds melt in satisfaction? We all want to know, so come on and SHARE the love and ultimately the RECIPE!!!


  1. Such a great idea!! I'm posting recipes, adding my own tags - see what you think and let me know if there are any changes to formatting that you want to make - anything you want to standardize.

    I'm excited to see what people come up with!!

  2. No they look perfect. I don't think we should have a set format, it takes our the personality!!!! I am so excited to try them... especially the soup :)

    1. Excellent - I have some more that I will try to post soon. How do you feel about us linking to recipes that we find from AllRecipes.com - or another recipe site. Would you rather we stick to originals?

    2. I don't think it matters. I just want it to be a share all... so if you find a good one and you think others will like it... go ahead :)